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Albino rose?

Hi All,

I am new here, with a question that I could not find an answer for anywhere online!
I am from Wollongong, which is on the East coast of Australia.

As it is Spring, all of my roses are flowering wonderfully. After neglecting the weed pulling for a couple of weeks, I went and weeded my gardens.
I noticed that the Burgundy Iceburg rose had a stem near the bottom, with white roses on it! Totally colourless.


I have had this rose for a few years now and have always only had deep burgundy coloured flowers. Now I have 1 stem with white flowers (1 flower and 2 buds. And it is definately attached to this same plant. It is at the bottom of the plant but it still receives sunlight.

Is there an explanation for this?

Thanks :)

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Is your rose grafted? Since the stem is near the bottom, it might be the flower of the root stock. You might look at the lower stem of the part that produces burgundy flowers. If there is a bud union, and the branch of white flowers comes out below the bud union, then it's the flower of whatever species was used for the root stock.

To see a picture of what a bud union looks like ... just in case you don't know ... a member posted an image of one in the following thread:

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Burgundy Iceburg is a "sport" a random genetic mutation where the DNA mutates. Burgundy Iceburg is a sport of "pink iceburg" and "pink iceburg" is a sport of "iceburg" totally white, which is what you are seeing. The plant is remebering its origin and reverting back to "iceburg". More than likely that stem will continue to do that but the bulk of your plant will remain Burgundy Iceburg.

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