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"Pond Type" Pot For Bonsai No Good?

I have a Juniper Bonsai and while its healthy in most areas, there are some ares of browning occuring at the base rings of leaves- towards the bottom of the foliage. My Bonsai is currently in a Pond type of pot and I read that those may notbe optimal for my plant? Also I have no idea how old it is- Can you help me discover the ways to find clues as to age? Thank you for your time.

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Can you supply a picture for informational purposes? I'm not familiar with a
"Pond Type Pot".

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I'm assuming it looks like this.


Note the partitioned part of the dish for adding the "pond".

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age is of no reall concern . it is hard to define the reall age of a tree , some owners go by how long they have had them
others by how long they have been trained into bonsai
as a collector it is hard to establish age's of tree's from the wild
and one quote by Yoshio Naka
"Asking how old a bonsai tree is , is like asking a beautyful woman her age" :lol:
the pot shouldnt be a problem unless :-
- the inside of the pot is glazed
- there is no drainage hole in the bottom of the pot
-the center of the pot is inverted and raises in towards the drainage hole.

thanks tarian

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