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Possible to Dig up Lilly of the Valley & Replant in Spri

HI all.. New to this forum and am looking for some answers regarding Lilly of the valley. We have a large "crop" on our property and I would like to dig them up to be replanted in the spring. How do I go about keeping them all winter???
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I would just dig them now and immediately plant them in the new location, rather than storing them over the winter. The pips are small, and can dehydrate easily, so I think they'd be better off in the ground.

If I'm not mistaken, Lily of the Valley needs a period of cold, in order to bloom. If they aren't in the ground during the winter, you'll have to provide a period of cold storage indoors before you replant the pips in the spring.
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Mostly agree with Kisal, lily of the valley definitely needs a cold dormancy. They are quite cold hardy and are said to survive down to zone 2 and thrive in zones 3-7. However, I looked at a Plant Hardiness zone map of Canada (you didn't say where in Canada you are--it's a big country):

It looks like much of the country is zones 0-1 (but a lot of that is the Arctic circle and I'm sure not where the population actually is!). Anyway if you are at least in zone 3, Kisal's advice is right. If you are in zone 2, you might try doing it both ways, plant some now and store some in the freezer. If you are one of the hardy souls living north of zone 2, then you will need to dig them. I'd pack them in paper towels in a padded mailing envelope and put them in the freezer.

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