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Autum Blaze Maple

I have an Autum Blaze Maple that we planted 6 years ago and has been doing great. I have two questions:
1) Everything I have read says that they keep their red leaves in the fall longer than other trees. Ours turns red very quickly not much in between colors and then it drops it leaves within a week of turning red. Is there something I can do to help it hold its leaves longer.
2) We have had a very rainy year - we met year rainfall totals around August and we are still getting tons of rain. The leaves have black spots on them and are black around the edges also. Is this from all of the water it has gotten this year? It looks very dull.

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I wouldn't get to excited about when the leaves drop. Plants drop there leaves because of the temperature inducing a secretion of a horemone which excises the leaves so, if they leaves turn red, and they fall off, there is nothing wrong with your plant.
Feed the soil, not the plants.

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