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Japanese Juniper-leaves all crunchy

Ok I have been readng here and find that a Japanese Juniper inst an inside plant (funny how the guy selling um failed to mention that when I said I was going to keep it in my window). Plant was good for about 2 weeks, I was following and instruction sheet that came with it. Water every day, sit plant in bowl so water can seep into holes in bottom if you are not sure on water. Well I was watering every day, maybe every other. dirt was moist and plant looked good. The heat has recently started inside my home ( very dry) and I did not water for 3 days... I checked plant its hard and brittle (leaves?) I have since watered like a mad man. I now understand this isnt an inside plant. Any suggestions to keep it alive till it can get to an outside location? Its basicly winter here now.. 30-40's so I cant see replanting it outside just yet and I have no location I can set it outside. Basilcy its stuck inside till spring ... Did I just kill a plant? :(

It may be light related, I am in basement and light is an issue, I have a large picture window but it gets light maybe 1-2 hours a day (its hanging in window). I just really hate to kill this plant before I can get it outside, but I may have already. its been watered alot in last 10 days and its still crunchy...

I wish I had read here before I bought it, impulse buy and I have no idea on prices, but the plasnt this fellow had where from 5 years to 40 years (size seemd to be the only real difference) they included a slip of paper with some basic instructions (none matching waht I'm reading here very well). Mine is 20 years (label on it, ture or not I have no idea) and cost $60. I have karate kid flashbacks and alwasys wanted one so I bought it. just like any other living thing I find I should have read up, been more aware before I purchased.

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This is such a sad and uncaring thing for someone to do to another and I'm so sorry that it's happened to you.
From the sounds of it, the plant has probably died. One thing for sure.....if you keep it inside it will die if it's not dead already so you must put it out.
Aside from the dry conditions and poor light conditions, it sounds as though you've really been instructed to water it way too much.
Junipers, like other 'outside' plants need the cold and rest in the winter to go dormant and continue to thrive.
If you have a friend with a yard where it would be safe from animals digging it up an where you could put it in a protected (out of wind as much as possible) spot I would not water it any more, but take it to that spot and cover the pot and dirt up to the base of the the trunk with leaves, leaving the green part of the tree open to get sun.
Rain/snow over the winter will keep it watered. When I say protected I suggest up against the house on the south side where it's a bit milder and the wind will not be as strong on it.
I hope you will be able to go back in the spring and find it OK.

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