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help identifying plants, please (new house in Oakland, CA)

We just moved to a new house in Oakland, CA, and it came with new plants which need lots of maintenance. But first I need help identifying them. Also, if you have any advice on how to trim/prune/maintain them, that is definitely appreciated too.

Photos are below. Many of the plants are pretty entangled. Is this okay for them, or not? There is one vine in particular that is wrapping around plant 2, which I assume is not good for plant 2.

Thanks so much!

plant 1:

plant 2:

Vine wrapped around plant 2:

plant 3:
still plant 3...? I dunno...?

plant 4:

plant 5: pretty sure these are cannas, not sure what to do to care for them...

plant 6:

plant 7: Nasturiams, I think... these orange dudes just randomly grow all over the beds...

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When we moved into this house, I paid a prof. gardener to walk with me around the house. She identified each plant; I made a little sketch of the locations. Then she told me the general care for each plant, and I looked up specifics in Sunset's Western Garden Book.

I just got in from running around all afternoon, but I can ID three of your plants for sure:

1) bougainvillea
2) solanum
3) could be jasmine, which is in bloom right now at my house and amazingly fragrant
4) ??
5) ??
6) ??
7) yes, nasturtium. they can be yellow, white, orange, and sometimes even red.

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