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Snow Rose Bonsai is losing all her leaves-help!!!

I bought a SR Bonsai about 2 weeks ago- it is actually 2 separate trees in a pot with a hard pebble like base. The pot has drainage holes on the bottm to water thru. I have it in my house, on a ledge between my kitchen and living room. The lighting is about the same as it was in the store where I bought her. She was full and flowering until about 4 days ago when one if the trees started losing leaves and flowers like there was no tomorrow. Now only one has full leaves (complete with new growth and flower buds) the other one looks bare with very few leeaves, new growth or flowers. My husband thinks it looks malnurished. I've watered it twice (filled sink let soak 5-10 minutes). Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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Hello and welcome. I don't grow this species so hopefully someone else will come by and help you. One thing I do know about them is that they have a reputation for being difficult to keep alive.

In the meantime the first thing I would do is to remove the glued on top dressing. It was placed there for the convenience of the shipper and retailer not the health of the plant. You may need to add a little additional soil to make up the difference.

Take a look at this thread for some tips on watering. The Chopstick method is really helpful for beginners.


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