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we have grown pumpkins but are not sure when to take them off the plant as we want save them for the grandchildren for halloween, and how do you keep them once they've been picked

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I haven't grown them for ages, but when I did, I just left them on the plant until after the first frost. [img][/img]
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I would leave them on the vine until impending frost. This way they don't dehydrate. They should be picked before frost so they don't get frost bitten. You can store them in a shed or any dry area. They keep quite well at room temperature.

Edit to add:

When you pick your pumpkins take care to leave the stem on them. Cut the vine rather than trying to just pull it off. If the stem comes off it seems that they are prone to start rotting at the stem site.
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Yep, let the vines die down so you can actually see them all and not fall on your face stumbling through vines and leaves...

Long handled limb shears work nicely for cutting without making your back ache.

If you want to store.. a cool dark dry place is ideal. If you have them cut and out by Oct 1 it won't matter really... They'll only rot if they were already doing so before harvest... Or if it's 100 degrees or something crazy...

Couple of more weeks before pumpkins are ready to cut here, though I have been cutting a few as they turn all orange for market... Just to get folks into the fall mood... Actually been selling a few too...

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