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Michigan Mushroom ID Question


I live in southeastern Michigan, and have recently found two types of mushrooms in my lawn. I was wondering whether anyone could identify the species of each, as I haven't had any luck finding them on any online mushroom ID sites.

Here is the smaller of the two, which I found in the middle of the lawn:




And here is the larger of the two, which I found in a cluster next to a large bush at the edge of a small, semi-wooded area:



These have started to degrade since I photographed them a couple of weeks ago, but I did measure them and found the largest mushrooms in the cluster to be about 7-8 inches in diameter.

If anyone could identify these for me, I'd be very appreciative!


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I don't know, but they are nice pictures, and very interesting looking fungi, especially the bottom one, which looks like some variety of shelf fungus (but those usually grow on trees).

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