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Transplanting of trees

There are two trees near my apartment, one is a neem tree and banyan tree, these two trees are may be 2 years old and they are 10 feet tall, but these trees obstruct light and air getting into my apartment as it is in the ground floor and moreover it affect the foundation of the building. The only thing is that I have to remove those trees, being a tree lover I want to transplant the trees to some other location instead of chopping them off. So, I need guidance from this forum to help me to relocate the trees to someother location. If anyone suggest a better option I can save the trees as well as the earth for future generation. My mail id is dtv_raj@yahoo.com. Pls, help me out.

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I'd look into a tree moving service. Ten foot trees are gonna have alot of roots, and will need to be carefully moved.

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