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Browning Needles on Densiformis Yews.

I planted 15 densiformis yews around my property 3 weeks ago (August 8th) and now finding that 3 are turning brown. They are not turning brown at the base but seem to be starting from branch tips inward. This is not happening to all the branches on the shrub, only a few. The soil is moist and and clumps nicely when packed into a ball. Please help! I really need it. Any suggestions on what may be happening and how I can help the situation would be great. I do water plants when needed based on rainfall.
Thanks all!

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A couple of points that may help.
Yews at planting need good drainage. They will not tolerate wet feet for very long so don't over water.
Check the Ph of your soil as they need it to be slightly acid. below 7.5 at least.
With a bit of luck the planting may have just checked them slightly and providing the die back does not go into bare wood they will recovour and grow away ok.
Good luck.

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