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very tall umbrella schefflera

we have a schefflera umbrella tree that is at least 7 feet tall and is growing toward the ceiling of our house--the stem does not have leaves--what happens if it hits the ceiling ? Can we cut it ?? and will it develop new roots ?
the tree is the opposite of bonsai
please I need advice
interested in learning more about plants

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I am a little confused on what you're asking here, but assuming the plant has a healthy root system you can cut it down to just inches above the soil level. If it hits the ceiling it will just bend sideways. If you want to take a cutting of the plant, cut a 6 inch section of the tip off and plant about three nodes down in fast draining soil.
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IME, Schefflera are righ up there with Pothos in terms of ease of propagation. In the past, I've just placed cuttings in a glass of water and they always root pretty quickly.

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Umbrella tree,yes they are very easy to propagate indeed.I have one that I take cuttings from a lot,start those off and give away as gifts.They are a good plant to practice bonsai with also.
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Schefflera Tree

I also have a Schefflera tree (one main 2" thick stem) that is getting too tall for the house. Can I make cuts around the bark and pack with peat moss to get the roots to form on the trunk of the plant enabling me to cut off the base of the plant and re-plant to make it shorter? I have done this with softer trunk plants, but am afraid of trying this with this plant. I don't want to kill it. Any advise???? Like the 1st message on this thread - my plant is too tall and has no leaves near the base (bottom 3 feet).

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I only have about 18 months growing this species but everything I've learned indicates that this should be pretty easy, especially for someone who has experience layering, as you do.

The base should put out new growth for you as well and could make a good bonsai if you are interested in this sort of thing.


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