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Help, tiny red spots on apple and plum leaves.

Recently i noticed a number of tiny red spots on my apple and plum tree leaves. They are mostly on the plum tree leaves but the apple has quite a few too, I have searched high and low and have no found a good explaination. I guess i could post pictures of the leaves if that helps in identification. Wondering if I need to take any action? They have been planted in the last two weeks and are about seven feet tall.

Thank in advance for your help.

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my apple tree has the same thing

Hi i was loking for a disease on apple tree leafs because it sounds like my tree has the same thing as yours and a sight had a pic of a leaf disease with red dots on it i cant remember wut sight it was but it seed that orcsherds in california had it but it in 2008 but it didnt say how to fix it :( but ill keep my eyes out and let you no
i have red dots on the leafs of my apple tree

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