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Next Year's Garden

This was my first year ever gardening on my own. I'm 16 and have always loved plants, especially ones I can eat. Well this year I had no idea what to grow, so I chose to do tomatoes, cucumbers, and cucumbers lemons.

The tomatoes suck, each plant gave me one bug-eaten ripened tomato... :cry:

But the cucumbers and cucumber lemons are doing amazing! I'm not sure if they are just really easy, or if i just got lucky. About every 2-3 days I get 3 or 4 cucumbers that are huge! The average is about 8 inches long, and 8.5 inches around. That's good right?

Now the season is coming to an end and I'm thinking about next year.

My zone is 8a. Are there any veggies I can grow this winter? We don't get much frost.

And for next summer, what should I grow. I think I'm done with tomatoes, and I'm looking for easy veggies that love sun and water?

Any ideas?
~Matt of Fresno

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Lucky you Matt! :D You live in an area where you can garden year round with a variety of cole crops as well as different greens. You have a fairly long growing season with warmth. :D

Congratulations on your cucumbers. The lemon cukes are my favorite.

These links are of already posted questions on winter and year-round gardening. Take a look.
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fall and winter gardening

Check out this reference:

It's set on zone 9-10 right now, but there's a menu on the left hand side, you can switch it to your zone. It gives a whole listing of planting dates for various crops for spring and fall gardens.

Try typing in fall garden in the search box at upper left of most pages, there's been a bunch of people writing about that lately, as fall approaches :)

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Next year

What about peppers? If you grow peppers I bet you can't grow enough. Friends and family love fresh peppers sweet and hot.

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