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Emerald Green Arborvitae

I have just purchased 16 5 ft Emerald Green Arborvitae from Lowes. They are in 10 gal plastic pots. The guy working in the garden center said that when I plant them I should shake away all the dirt in the pot because it is mostly clay and.it makes it hard for the shrub to get enough water. I have always thought that when you transplant you should try to not disrupt the roots as much as possible. I don't mind getting some good soil and spread out the roots over a little hill of soil like I do with a bare root rose, but I am not sure if this guy knew what he was talking about or not. I would appreciate any suggestions. I would hate to lose these shrubs after planting 16 of them.

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Plants are pretty robust. I wouldn't worry about simply shaking the clay off the roots. Make sure that you dig a hole that is twice as deep and twice as wide as the root ball. I also like to make a little mound at the bottom of the hole and lay the roots around the mound instead of the usual "just throw it in the hole" technique. This allows the roots to spread in a uniform manner.

Also, obviously you are not going to bury the trunk (what with a hole that is twice as deep as the root ball) so, back fill the hole with some good soil (compost, well rotted manure and so on) until you've reached the depth of the root ball and then, plant your tree.

I also like to water the hole then, after the tree has been planted, water the tree.

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Good advice from opa there.

These guys at lowes and home dumpo kill me. Be careful following some of the advice that they give you.

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Yea, mighty shaky info :P


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Yup. I had one try to tell me pansies & violas would freeze.

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