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Need help with my Watermelons

I live close to Houston, Texas. This year I tried for the first time to have a backyard garden. I am trying to grow some fruits and vegetables. Some things I have had good luck with and others I have had no luck at all. For example, I planted a row of Watermelons and a row of Cantaloupe side by side. My Cantaloupes are doing great with lots of blooms, lots of fruit and still more every day! Right next to these are my Watermelons and I am getting lots of flowers and lots of attention from the same pollinators. But I am getting almost no fruit. As of today I have about 3 little fuzzy watermelons starting to develop but there must be about 75 or more yellow flowers. So I have beautiful healthy looking leafy watermelon vines growing like crazy and too many yellow flowers to count and for about a week now I have just 3 tiny fruit. Can anyone help explain what might be going on with my watermelons? Thanks, Patrick

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You probably just need a little patience. If you have healthy watermelons with lots of flowers and lots of pollinators around, then you are likely to have fruit soon. Keep watering. Male flowers tend to appear first for all the cucurbits (melons, squash).

But what temps are you having there in Houston? I know tomatoes will not set fruit once the temps hit triple digits. I'm not sure if the same is true for melons, but if you are having 95 degrees and up, you might try shading and misting your plants a bit.

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yes i'll have to agree, just some more patience is needed :) I was waiting and waiting forever with mine and there we so many many flowers and no fruit for weeks then all of a sudden there were about 7 watermelons on one plants and 5 on the other. just give it some time, you will be thrilled to watch them grow, it's so exciting! :lol: on a side note make sure you have enough calcium in your soil, i got blossom end-rot and had to throw out 4 watermelons :cry:

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