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Fungus on knockout roses?

Hey all! I'm new to this board and need some serious help! Well, not me but one of my knockout rose bushes.

Some background:

I bought two pink bushes about two years ago, planted them at the same time, and within feet of each other. They've been doing great...until this year. The one plant is still going strong - new growth, buds, pink, open flowers. The other looks sick.

Over the past couple of months it seems to have shrunk in size. It used to be the same size as it's neighbor but now it's yellowing, the stems seem to be wilting over, and it's not doing so great. There is some new growth towards the bottom of the plant but it never seems to reach its potential! I've tried to think what could have happened to this poor rose bush...we had an attack of japanese beetles which we treated with Sevin, we've had a very rainy summer but the other bush is fine, it gets the same amount of attention as the other bush. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I had the impression that these bushes were not supposed to get any type of disease...I just want my healthy, beautiful plant back. Is there any hope?

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Soil Deficiency

It would appear from the yellowing of the leaves that you have a deficiency in the soil possibly iron or magnesium. In the UK we would use a product called "sulphar rose" but im not sure what the american equivalent is. I suggest you go to your local garden centre and ask them to provide you with something to boost theses two minerals.
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