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Cedar bush is moving???

I have 3 cedar bushes in my yard. Early this summer my wife noticed that it appeared to be moving. It looked like all the tips were swaying in the breeze but there was no wind at all on this day. Further investigation revealed that most of the the tips appeared to be some type of insect that used the cedar leaves as camouflage. I could not see the insect because it was completely covered with green cedar leaves, but when I pulled one of the "tips" off the bush and squashed it, green goo oozed out (bug guts). Wifey was freaked out so she made me spray the bush with a home bug spray we had. A few days later all the "tips" where the bugs were turned brown, some fell off most still there 2 months later. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Just curious what type of bug this was. Presumably some type of larvae???

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Sounds pretty much like bag worms.
hey its me!


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