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Levelling a sloping lawn

Hi experts!
I moved into my house 2 years ago and it's time to tackle the garden!
My garden is rectangular and raised about 6 bricks high, but the wall is higher at one side than the other which means the garden slopes. it drives me nuts!
I want to level it off - I think the first job is to build up the walls, but my husband says it's such a huge job we couldn't do it ourselves, but we can't afford to pay a landscape gardener.
So if we were to attempt it, what tools would we need to rip up the lawn (access is limited to the back - would have to come down a narrow passageway) as it's not in great condition, then what kind of top soil would we need? Then I'm guessing we need turf?? The soil has chalky rocks in it and we get that bindweed stuff everywhere.
If anyone can give me advice I'd appreciate it!!!
Thanks, Liz

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Your talking about a garden and a lawn? How big is it and how much room do you have to get to it. You could use things from hand tools to a tractor.
You can rent a tractor with a tiller and bring in a truck load of dirt or what ever you need if you have the room.

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Don't take anyone's word on the topsoil. Go check it out and pick up some of the soil, spit on your fingers first then rub the soil in and if it is sticky, elastic that means some clay. You want a gritty type of soil that scratches your fungers when you rub it.

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