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Juniper turned brown and leaves falling off

Hello my name is April I recived a 80.00 bonsie tree I belive its a junaper but cant be for shure. It just recently started to turn brown and the needles fall off it only dose this on the bottom the top is very green yet with new growth. Why is my tree doing this and what can I do to help it? thank you.
Sincerly very worried

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it helps to show us a picture if you can. I have a juniper and as the young branches begin to mature the needles will turn brown and fall off, then a bark will form as part of the natural process it might be this that is occurring.
If new shoots are still growing at the tip of the branches then they are probably just maturing as they should.

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I know from your PM that you are unable to post photos and that you also must keep your tree inside. Unfortunately keeping a Juniper inside is a recipe for trouble. If you are really unable to keep it outside I'm afraid it will, almost certainly, slowly weaken and die.

You can try providing supplemental lighting in the form of Fluorescent bulbs/tubes. Frequent misting and the use of a humidity tray may also help.

There are other species that are much better suited to indoor culture, perhaps a Ficus.


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