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Where to buy Pomegranate & Coffee trees for houseplants?

Hi guys!
The question isn't actually about bonsai but I hope than you can help me.
Can anyone give me advice where in GTA I could possibly buy the plants of pomegranate and coffee to grow them as houseplants.
Thank you very much.

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Do you want the actual coffee plant or a coffee tree?

Coffee trees don't actually produce coffee but, were used my the ealier settlers to make a coffee substitute by grinding up the incredibly hard seeds.

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You can try eBay. There are a lot of bonsai related auctions there and I've seen the plants you're looking for on eBay.co.uk over the last few months. If you're in the US, you'll need ebay.com though.
Another thing to try is searching Google.com with some keywords e.g.
Punica ohio order delivery
Use some relevant words in the search bar and you'll probably find a supplier.

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coffee makes a great looking houseplant. I've grown them from seeds, but I can't recall where I bought the seeds from...
you can easily grow pomegranates from seed as well, or [url=https://gurneys.com/product.asp?pn=13907&bhcd2=1152218196]gurney's[/url] sells seedlings.

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