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Questions re Young Juniper --Greetings from Chicago.

I recently bought a 4 year-old Juniper. One of my questions is about watering... How much is enough? Many online resources say to give it ample water once about every other day, but I don't know how much that is. My bonsai is small, about 5.5 inches tall, front-to-back is about 4 inches wide, and long-ways its about 9 inches long. Some sources said to learn by how heavy the pot is before and after watering, but that seems a little to hit or miss to me. Also, should i add fertilizer to the water? Or how does that whole thing work?

Another question is about pruning and shaping. I have aluminum wire, and I learned fall is the best time to shape. So since its only early August, I will wait on that. But for pruning, do I need a professional bonsai pruning sheer, or will the larger gardening sheers do fine? What also worries me is what do I prune? There are many new buds forming at the ends of the branches, and a friend told me to cut them off, but only by pinching(?) or by pruning them, or the branch will turn brown.

Lastly, some of the roots of the tree are above the soil, and my friend said that worried him. I want to have a Juniper with roots above the soil, as it ages, to make it look like multiple legs. Of course, my tree is still an infant and I don't want to rush anything.

Alright, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us, hope you find it friendly and helpful. I'm not a bonsai person at all, but I took the liberty of moving your post into the bonsai forum where a lot more people will see your questions that might be able to answer them.

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