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tomatoe planting around walnut trees

Any truth to tomatoe plants not doing well around walnut trees?

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From what I understand, a lot of stuff won't grow near a walnut, but it's the Black (English) walnut, I believe. In any case, we have one and I went and planted a fairly large garden not more than thirty feet from it and everythings doing fine but it's not where I have my tomatoes, hopefully someone else will have a better answer.

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Black walnut trees do emit juglone which is toxic to a lot of other plants. Here's a nice little article about that:

It basically says that yes, tomatoes are particularly susceptible. However, it also notes that the main area affected is under the tree canopy. You wouldn't plant tomatoes in the shade of a tree anyway. I suspect if your tomatoes are far enough away they will be fine.

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Yes, do a google search for walnut toxicity and you will find several university extension fact sheets. Roots do not extend out from trees evenly so you could get lucky with a tomato plant fairly near to a small tree, but if roots are there they will poison tomatoes et al..

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