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HELP !!!! Weeping Juniper repair


I have a beautiful four year old weeping juniper that has just had three of its main lower branches snapped by a 1000 pound steer that got loose from a farm beside where I live. The branches were not completely broken off, but are hanging. Is this possible to repair??? If so, what would be the best way to care for my injured tree?? The tree was soo beatiful, but now the bottom of the tree looks bare without those branches where they should be.. The branches are between three and five feet in length.
I have include a picture of the tree from a year ago. (click on link below)

Thank You


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Todd, there may or may not be a way to save it, but we can try...

Fit those branches back in place as well as you can and secure them with many turns of grafting tape. Hopefully the existing bark strips will keep those ends alive long enough for the graft to take. Make sure to wrap past either end of the break to keep it clean...

Here's a fairly small roll; you might want a few...



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