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drain question

I have a problem with erosion in a spot in my yard. I am a complete Newb to landscaping, so I am looking for some suggestions. The yard next door sits about 6 feet higher than mine, and the slope is quite steep. The 6 foot elevation occurs over about 6 feet (1/1 slope). I have a bad spot of erosion along a fence line that has basically made a 10-12" deep trench about a foot wide right down the slope. I would like to install some sort of drain so I can get grass to grow over this area. I though about a french drain, but I don't know if that is right for this situation. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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It's possible that a french drain could remedy your situation, but in cases where the very foundation of the house is at risk, I think most of us would recommend calling a licensed professional (if the relevant profession requires a license in your state).

Professions which might be helpful here are structural/civil engineering, architect, or *maybe* landscaper, but only if said landscaper is also conversant with soils engineering. Sometimes people bill themselves as a "landscaper" but have entered the discipline from the gardening side without shoring up their more quantitative side.

Hope it all works out well for you.

Cynthia H.

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french drain

I have installed french drains with good results. If you can make a dry well that you can run the water in to that is a good thing to do. Other wise just send it some place. Make sure you use the drain pipe cover fabric.

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