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Strawberry plant in planter during winter

hi, I'm sorta new to gardening however when it comes to planting plants in a pot, thats where I'm very new. I've got a good idea of what to do when caring for my strawberry plants growing in a pot, but, I need to know what I should do when I bring my plants indoors during winter. I've been getting alot of different advise from other people but I need a little more to complie my own way of caring for a strawberry plant when its indoors.
-Some tips I was given
1. someone said to cut off all the leaves and flower buds when bringing the plant indoors and placing the pot in a cool dry place during the winter.
2. Place the pot indoors near a window that gets some sunlight, keep it in a cool dry place until spring time
3. Store plant in a garage and trim all the leaves off.

So what should I do?

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I have the same problem - Did you get any help with your request? I can't see a reply. What did you end up doing?

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I think the question didn't get a response because those are fairly similar options. The point is the strawberry does need a dormant season. I don't grow mine in pots, so just leave them alone. They do fine in our zone 6 winters and are pretty in the garden because they keep some leaves most of the winter.

In pots, the problem is that if you leave it out, the roots are vulnerable to too much hard freezing and thawing cycles. So it needs to be protected somehow. Sometimes people just leave the pots out in some protected spot, mulched well and sometimes they bring them in. But all the options specified cool, dry and trimming the leaves. You aren't trying to keep them growing, you are trying to protect them a bit while they are dormant. So you don't really want them in a normally heated house.

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