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summer squash leaves

If I have a white powdery substance on my squash leaves but nothing on the actual squash....is it still okay to cook and eat the squash or not?

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It's probably powdery mildew, you can treat the leaves with a 1:4 (up to 50:50) mix of water & milk as a fungicide. There was a thread about eating the veggies, I'm not sure.
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are you sure its powdery mildew? Zuchuini and squash leaves turn silverish/white on the veins of the leaves, its normal.

Now if the whole leaf is covered with a powdery color then its mildew, if its just on the veins its normal.

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Unless the squash are extremely small, you can always pick them before the mildew has the chance to do too much damage. The mildew/mold leaves sunken spots on the skin that turn yellow/brown. If it's only on the surface, then wash with some salty water. You can even pick the baby ones with flower attached -- just like in gourmet restaurants. :wink:

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