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PLEASE HELP ME! Identify my tree

Hi I'm new to the forums and in need of some help.

My girlfriend surprised me with this gift after a recent trip I took to visit her. After the 5 hour car ride home some leaves have started to fall off and I'm starting to get worried!

She had it kept indoors in an area where it got plenty of sunshine and she would water it whenever the moss would start to get dry.

I have checked other posts, but cant seem to find the exact one. I'm sure I casually glanced over it, but each time I find one with similar characteristics it seems to have 1 or 2 things different.

I would like to know what type of bonsai it is so I can read more information about proper care and maintenance for this tree.

Any help is much appreciated......Thanks!




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Looks like a Ficus to me... 8)

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Yup, looks like Ficus benjamina to me, leggy and in need of pruning. I'm guessing it has not gotten a lot of light or maybe too much fertilizer.

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tis a fig in need of a hair cut :D other than that it looks like a nice little indoor tree

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Looks more like a Ficus retusa. Anyway, there both very similar.

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Thanks for the feedback!.
I'm going to stick with the Ficus benjamina...seems like the closest match.

I have been trying to find some guides about how to prune and trim these but have only found 1 or 2 specific examples.


^^^^ Does the illustration they give look correct to anyone?

What kind of fertilizer do I need to put in or should I leave it as is for now?

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