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Growing mimosa pudica (sensitive plant)

I recently purchased a tiny mimosa pudica plant over the Internet, and I was very happy when it arrived today. It is about 2 inches, with about three or four stems with leaves that haven't opened up yet. I suppose the trip here in a box has made it extra sensitive. : ) It has been sitting on my windowsill for about 45 minutes.

Although it was securely packaged, I had to rearrange the soil with my fingers as it was lop-sided. Some roots are visible, but I am hesitant to disturb the soil much more than I already have and possibly hurt the roots. The soil, by the way, is moist and humid.

If any general information can be provided to help my tiny plantling thrive, I would much appreciate it. So far, I understand that indirect sunlight is best for its growth, as well as temperatures above 80F, and the soil should be kept moist.

My knowledge about plants is generally limited, but I know a lot about soil quality and maintenance. Thank you!

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The soil can be moved, but it shouldn't be stressed to much. Thats all I really know.

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