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Ok I am new here so bare with me Plant identifation

It has yet to flower so I only have is a single leaf that looks much like a fan. Small leafs that are side by side and fan around to look like a fan or star. It is dark green with a yellow trim.[/img]https://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=3166&id=1727641217&saved#/photo.php?pid=40261&id=1727641217 Can you tell me what it is?

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Butterfly, nobody will be able to see your pictures, unless they belong to Facebook. If you sign up for a free account at Photobucket, or one of the other free image-hosting sites, each of your pictures will be given a special code to use for posting it on forums. The code you need to copy and paste into your posts here will begin with [img]and%20end%20with[/img]. Be sure to copy and paste the entire code.

By the way, if you delete the picture from your image-hosting account after you paste the code into your post, the link will be broken, and the picture will no longer be visible on our forums.

Please see the instructions our Webmaster has provided:

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