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Elongated fruit and shrivelled leaves: water or disease?

I have a yellow pear variety that seemed to be thriving but suddenly went belly up. I notice the green fruit started out round but now looks like a cucumber or green bean. Many leaves are yellow, the others look like a drought hit them. I thought it needed more water, but found it was almost standing in water for some reason. I drained off the excess and the next day the plant looked ten times worse. Added more water and it perked up again, but it's not getting better and I am mystified. It's been sprayed with a neem oil and water solution for bugs but I don't see any signs of disease, just leaves dying from the branch up.

If it helps, it was planted in a plastic container, in a Miracle Grow potting soil mix for veggies augmented with several handfuls of mushroom compost and has been fetilized lightly twice since then--it's about 2 months since planting. My other cherry tomato plant had the same treatment, soil, location, and container and is thriving merrily, even though a storm broke it almost in half (and the stem that is hanging on to its parent by a quarter has thus far produced a ton of lovely fruit--go figure)

Please help. I love this little guy and want it to get well again.

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Do you think you could post a picture?

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Yellow pear loves to die from diseases, but not the diseases you can spray for. I rarely get one to make it through the whole season, and in general I don't have serious disease problems with my tomatoes.

Other problems could be herbicide drift (causes malformed new parts) or water logging (kills roots and causes the plant to drop leaves).

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I have 6 yellow pair plants, and they all look like junk, all the leaves are curling inward, but they are all producing tomatoes, so that is a good sign. I didn't realize they were so susceptible to disease. All of my other tomato plants look pretty good, it's just the yellow pair that look kind of terrible.

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