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Help! I'm killing my phlox!

I am a new gardener, so I recognize that I might be inadvertently killing my plants. I recently planted some garden phlox. I followed the instructions exactly and have been carefully watering them. Most are doing well, but a few seem to be dying on me. Some of the lower leaves are yellowing and drying out. Also, the flowers are dying and new buds are not forming. I have no clue what I am doing wrong.

A week and a half ago we had a big storm and all my perennials took a beating. Some of the phlox seem to have never recovered. They almost look like they are windblown....with the exception of those scary yellow and brown leaves.

I know that they can mildew but I looked up a picture of that and it doesn't look like what is happening.

I live in Georgia and we have had temperatures in mid-90's everyday. Can they get too much sun? Thanks for any help.

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garden phlox

It may be just storm damage and eventually they will recover.

In the meantime, it's possible your "carefully watering" is a little too much? Phlox don't like soil that stays consistently damp, so be sure you let it dry out a little between waterings. Where you are in Georgia, they will want some shade from hot afternoon sun.

Otherwise, if this isn't it, perhaps post some pictures and tell us more about what conditions they are growing in and what your weather has been like, etc, maybe we will be more able to help.

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