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wilting leaves and stems

My father used to grow great tomatos in his backyard. So, I was always afraid of trying them myself. But, I enjoy cooking (especially Italian cusine) and I got tired of paying though the noise at the grocery store, so I am taking the plunge into tomato plants. Sorry, this may be alittle long winded. I do not have a backyard, so my tomato plants are in plastic containers. I have planted one bush tomato plant, one Roma tomato plant, and one Huskey Red cherry tomato plant.
The bush and the Roma seem to be doing great. However, the cherry tomato plant seems to be stuggling here of late. It went crazy after I planted it....plenty of fruit and blossoms. Here lately, I have noticed that the blossoms are dying and it is not producing any friut. The leaves seem to be drying up from the tip of the stem. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be the problem?

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