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Mix of flowers so something is always blooming?

I recently had a pet (black lab named Kayla) pass away and we have laid her to rest in our backyard under her dog house. There is a small area beside her that we would like to turn into a small flower garden but I would like to plant a mix of things so that something is always blooming during every season. I live in Gastonia, NC (near Charlotte, NC if that helps any!) and have never seriously done the gardening thing, except for a few transplants that my grandmother did for me. Any help that could help me turn this space into a constantly blooming tribute to a beloved pet would be very much appreciated!

Jenn :)

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Welcome to The Helpful Gardener! :)

Please accept my sympathy on the passing of your sweet Kayla. As a dog owner for many, many years, I well know the sadness you must be feeling at this time. I think the idea of a little tribute garden is lovely.

I think you would find the [url=]National Gardening Association Plantfinder[/url] quite useful in your situation. You can fill in all the details about the amount of light the garden plot receives, how well drained it is, along with the season of bloom, type of plant (tree, shrub, perennial, etc.) that you think you'd like. The site will generate a list of suggestions for you. The site even helps you determine what hardiness zone you're located in.

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