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Varigated Lemon Tree

I recently purchased a varigated lemon tree from e-bay. It is small and thorny (which I did not expect any thorns). I live in Alabama and I need advise for planting. I know I should not plant directly in the ground as it would leave me unable to bring in during the winter. However - should I start off with a small pot or medium size. What type of soil mixture should I use? How often do I water? How much sun light does it need? I am cluless and the plant arrived with no instructions. :?:

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Hey Ziggy! :)

Not to worry; we got ya...

Pick a pot twice the size that it's in now; pot with a third potting soil mixed with a third container mix, a sixth compost or manure and a sixth sand. No fertilizeer until spring and then half rate. Check roots in June and if they are fairly solid to the bottom of the pot, repot again, same mix, twice the size. Repeat until you are having trouble moving the container, then keep that size with pruning.

Water when the soil is dry a knuckle down, give it plenty of light and come here when you have questions 8)


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