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Advice on how to deal with an overtrimmed bush

I trimmed one of our bushes significantly. Everything I cut out was dead or very near dead branches. I think it was killed by someone parking a vehicle with the exhaust pointing straight into it for a year or so. Regardless, I got tired of looking at dead branches so I cut them out. Unfortunately this is what we're left with and I'm not sure how best to deal with it. Can someone please ID what this bush is? Can I expect that it will fill in this giant gap? If so, how quickly is it likely to fill in this area? Or should I be looking to purchase a smaller plant of the same species to fill in this gap? Please give suggestions on how to make this eye sore look better.



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I think you did a great job in shaping this plant which I think is a type of Juniper...???

What about planting some pretty flowers below to fill in the gap? Gazanias come to mind but it will depend on where you are located and how much sun this space gets.

You could also fill in the bottom with decorator rocks or bark...

Maybe some of the other members can make suggestions but knowing where you're located is helpful to know due to extremes in temperatures.

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It is definitely a juniper. What species I can't say , but I think you will find that the space fills in rapidly. fertilize the bush (with something other than exhaust) if you want to speed it's recovery.

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