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Me and My "New" Bonsai

Hi Sorry to bother you all again, :D

but my Bonsai is changing colour on its leafs :shock: . I have had it only a week and I'm a little worried about its appearance. The leaf have changed colour from a plush green to a yellow/brown and some have started to fall off :cry: The tree is situated in my front room in the window on the window ledge, I have been watering it with rain water because the water is treated here and it doesnt even tastse that nice :cry:.The soil is a med/moist to content and even though I havent watered it every day I have made sure its been kept at this level of hydration. Is the tree reacting to a change in enviroment or is it starting to die on me "HELP"

Best Regards Mark

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Mark, sorry, but an image, perhaps? What kind of tree?


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