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Dwarf cherry trees produce very small, bad tasting fruit.


I planted 4 dwarf cherry trees, rainier, bing, stella and royal anne, three years ago. This year they bloomed and had cherries but there cherries were smaller than a pea and tasted awful. They did have a beautiful color, though.

I've searched the internet to no avail.

Can someone tell me what's wrong with my trees?

I'm not a gardener but I'm working on it.

I'm new to forums so if I've posted incorrectly please advise me.

Rose, thebatlady

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No positive answer here, but my Bing runs in cycles of big crop, small crop. And, I've noticed if the cherries ripen later when the heat is up they don't tast as well, pretty bland.

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A sujestion maybe when there is know fruit on the tree to prune for larger cherries.

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Dwarf cherry trees produce very small, bad tasting fruit

A friend of mine went picking bing cherries. Well when I went over to see what she picked I was suprised to see so much fruit that wasn't even close to being ripe. We both went back a few days later and picked big, ripe bings. Also a neighbor has a bing cherry tree and his were orange and small so I thought they might be Ranier, well they turned out to be bings, they just weren't ripe yet. :)

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