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Me and My "New" Bonsai


I'd like to introduce myself I resently bought a chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia)it came on the 13/02/06 from a e-bayer seller. I'm delighted with the little fellow he looks healthy and got some good features, just hope I can keep him that way . I've never kept any planets before or anything, so now I will see if my fingers are really green. No serioulsy I watered the bonsai when I first unpacked him and I have put it on display in my front room window. I have bought a book with the tree, and I want to know how I can give the tree the best care etc. What do I do next with general care cutting/pruning/pinching or am I going to fast....?

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Nope, you need all this info to make informed decisions with your tree; luckily for you I have put all that good stuff in a series of articles on the front side of our site. Go to the home page, click on the Bonsai header and tuck in. Lots of good info on all of the above...

Keep in mind this is not really a tropical tree and can greatly benefit from a dormant period...


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