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need to lay down a lot of topsoil but don't know how

Hi. We've recently had an extension built to our house and have consequently had a large ramp of chalk piled to let the lawn continue upto the new kitchen doors.

It's quite a large area that needs covering (I'm guessing about 10x8m) Ive had a quick look online at prices of topsoil and it looks like its going to cost us about £2k in topsoil if we lay to about 20cm - however this company doesnt actually lay down the soil - only delivers.

Does anybody know of anywhere around london that would sell AND lay the topsoil on our garden.

I'm sorry if its a silly question, Im new to this kind of thing and I'm sure there must be loads of people who would do this kind of thing, I just don't know where to look

many thanks for any help you can give!

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Hi Nick,
You should purchase your topsoil from a builders merchant who will include delivery onto your property. Then you need to find a landscaper to lay the soil, this is an easy job for a competent landscaper. I suggest searching 'landscaper' or 'landscape gardener' for your area on Get a quote from three and get and check references from the one you choose to do the job. If there busy it cant hurt to wait a little while, most good landscapers wont be available to a job straight away.

You could lay aggreagtes, which is a very easy DIY job, all it takes is some elbow greese!!


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