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False Pepper Tree removal

I have to cut down a false pepper tree as its roots are close to a swimming pool which could cause potential damage. To kill the roots, I was going to drill holes in the stump, and add something like nitrate of potash.

Does this sound a reasonable procedure, or are there any other alternatives.

Thanks in advance.

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The way you have suggested is actually what is done by a lot of golf courses. I would be aware of where your stump is situated though. If it is near a water source I would probably research it a little more.

Also, while the stump is rotting, you will have all kinds of unwanted diseases etc. growing in it, that you wouldn't want to spread to other plants. It probably grow mushrooms over the area at some point.

As well, while it is rotting, it is shrinking, so you would need to continue to backfill the hole it leaves for quite some time (years probably).

Hope this has helped a little. I have only removed a few trees, and I have just sawed them to ground level so that I could mow, and let nature take it's course, or they have ended up being in my garden, and I just included it in the plan.
Good luck! :wink:


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Re: False Pepper Tree removal

Me as well. I've done things a lot about cleaning and cutting trees for proper removal. Regarding to your post, I think you'll need an expert adviser on how to manage a proper removal.

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Re: False Pepper Tree removal

I don't know how big your tree is so how big your stump will be. I had an old dogwood tree, with a trunk that was probably 10" diameter at the base. It died and I cut it down. I covered the stump with charcoal briquettes, piled all around it and over the top, thickly, and lit them. It burned/ smoldered for several days and when it was done the stump was gone and even most of the roots had burned out.

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