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soil question: manure

Hi, I've planted my vegetables this year in unconditioned soil - just bag garden soil and some peat moss. I've been away at college, so I haven't run any soil tests, but I'm pretty sure the soil is depleted and in need of nutrients.

Considering they are already in the ground, is there anything I can do for them? Would composted manure as a side dressing help them? Should I feed them some sort of organic liquid fertilizer?

Thanks in advance!

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One thing that you can do is to put a clump of manure next to the plant and let the rain take care of the rest. It will filter the nutrients down around the plant slowly. My brother in law does this and you can't imagine the size of his plants!

I also use miracle grow on occasion to give them a boost, but only early on in the season.

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Side dressing with compost or lightly scratching it in will work for a nice, slow release of nutrients. Water (and earthworms) will take the nutrients down to the root zones.

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That's good to hear that confirmed. When I move out and get my own place (just graduated college) I'll have a compost tumbler and be able to take care of the soil like I should!

Do you think some liquid organic fertilizer in intervals would be a good supplement, as well?


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since they are already in the ground you may have to do a few dosages of compost tea or something of a liquid nature so it can get to the roots now. But make sure you add a little compost and either mulch or even scratch it in a bit. You may not get much nutrients out of it this year but would help in the coming years.

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