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white roses

I have 3 white rose bushes & cannot get any of them to produce flowers. What am I do wrong? they are near other rose bushes, get llots of sunshine, fertilized. The one bush that has been here for awhile gets long & stragely branches the other 2 were just bought & planted this spring.I also have 3 red bushes that are doing great lots of flowers. Can someone help me out with my problem. Thanks shoppersal

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Would you be able to post pictures of the rose bushes that don't bloom? It might help us determine the problem.

I've read that it might be caused by a combination of weather and fertilizer, but the fact is, no one seems really to know why some rose bushes fail to bloom.

Are the roses in the ground or in containers? When container grown roses behave in this way, a change of soil is sometimes recommended. The only suggestion I've seen regarding in-ground roses that don't bloom was to check the soil pH. The soil pH should be slightly acidic.

I did find one mention that these roses that don't bloom are commonly seen among groups of other roses that are blooming just fine. The non-bloomers are often described as developing long, straggly branches, as well, just as you say yours do.

Sorry I can't be of more help. There are some very experienced rose gardeners here, so I hope they can offer you some real assistance. :)

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