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How to care for a Serissa Bonsai

Hi everyone!

I was given a bonsai tree as a gift and thus got myself sucked into the world of bonsai so I'm in need of some advice.
The only thing I know about my bonsai is that it came with a small card that said "Serissa Seriodes", but google wasn't very helpful in giving me advice.

Here's a few photos of my bonsai (or mallsai if you wish, I'm not sure where it was bought but I'm quite sure there aren't any nurseries nearby):



So, I ask you:
1. What type of bonsai do I have on my hands.
2. Are there any special things I should know.
3. Any signs from which I could tell if it's been treated badly or if it needs immediate attention?
4. I live in Finland and it's quite cold out there (almost -20 degrees celsius, -4 fahrenheit) so where should I keep my bonsai? I read that it shouldn't be kept inside for more than 2-3 days.
5. The pot looks awfully small for the bonsai, am I just paranoid or does it need more space?

Also other info you might see useful (threads on this forum, anything.) are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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Think it's a Zelkova or elm; same care for both really...

Seems quite healthyand seems to be in training as a miniature (hence the small pot. Needs a good root prune in spring and a good haircut; see the articles on the site for info about repotting, but I'd probably try yo mantain that size (and pot). Little more work and diligence, but it has been trained to that size and getting a bigger tree out of it would take some seerious restyling...THese are tough tres and should take the indoors mostly in stride, but I'd find a cool room if I could...


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