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Carmona - help!

Hi, just wondering if anybody could offer some advice.

I'm new to the world of Bonsai, and have a Carmona tree. It's been doing just fine since I got it in December, but I've noticed just recently that all the leaves on the bottom two bracnhes have died and fallen, leaving the branches empty and 'dead' looking. The upper part of the tree seems healthy, and there's a new green shoot growing from the top branch.

We're currently experiencing some cold weather here in the UK, but I'm doing my best to keep the tree warm and watered.

Is this normal? Will the lower branches start showing some life as Spring arrives?

Any advice anyone could give would be massively appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Hard to say what's happening, Fukien Teas can be tricky in winter heating conditions. Can you send an image?


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