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Is Sta-Green Moisture Max safe?

Is this potting mix safe for veggies? Or even the appropriate soil?

[url=]Link to Soil Council information is here[/url].

Thank You

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Howdy SOS. Nice moniker... :wink:

Nothing is really known about this stuff; just not a lot of testing done yet. It's only been around about fifty years and has only really gotten to store shelves in the last ten or so years. These guys did [url=]one[/url] and their conclusion was we need more testing because this may not be as safe for the environment as we've been told. As for safe for humans [url=]the jury[/url]is REALLY out... it appears it is not a cholinesterase inhibitor. One down, couple hundred to go. I'd rather not be the guinea pig...

This stuff is meant to replace the inherent biology in a living soil with a chemical substitute. Soil biology creates and distributes natural polymers that enhance soil stabillity and fertility; chemical applications usually destroy this biology and that is why we need the polymers in the first place.. Our record with synthetic polymerization and health is not great; most folks don't know how nasty [url=]PVC[/url] is, for instance. Lack of testing and a shady track record for synthetic polymers...I wouldn't use it on food crops, but don't have any data to say why not... your call...

Find some good local compost instead, or better yet, make your own; your plants will thank you and so will your planet...


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