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Pumpkin Problems--help!

I am having some real trouble with my pumpkins this year. It is a mystery to me, especially because I have grown them in this location for several years now without a problem. I am hoping someone will be able to tell me what the deal is. The leaves are coming out all wrinkled and yellowing. Instead of nice broad, flat, green normal pumpkin leaves, it is almost like they are being sucked together in a sort-of puckering effect, along with the yellowing. I would love to attach a pic, but am not sure how yet. I did a soil test (bought at Home Depot and done by me), and the Potash was the only one that looked very low on the test. Would this cause this to happen? If so, how best to fix this? HELP??? [/img]

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best to rotate pumpkins... Space constraints make that tough though... In that case I plow and get the trash as deep as I can... Otherwise carry over disease from year to year can be a real problem.

Yellowing? has it been excessively wet there?

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To post pictures, take a look at the webmaster's helpful guide:

Hope the pumpkins get better soon.

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