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Birds eating tomatoes

I found a GREAT solution to the problem of birds eating my fruits. Do you know what is an irrigation or construction marker flag? It is a stiff wire, about 18" long with a red flag on the end. I put about 8 of these (1/2 dark red, 1/2 light red) around each tomatoe plant. As the tomatoes ripen, the birds don't notice....they just leave it alone. I used to use nets, which were a hassle. BTW, I don't use cages; I let vines run on ground on top of my paper & stepping stone weed block....it works better for me. Send a reply with your e-address and I'll send you a photo.

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I don't usually have a problem with birds pecking my fruit. Don't know why not, as have many, many birds of various species. Your solution to the problem is most ingenious!
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That is a cool idea. I bet you could hang Christmas tree RED glass balls on the wire cages to fool the birds too.

I don't have a problem with birds. I keep water in the yard I think as long as the birds have water to drink they never bother my tomatoes. I have 25 bird houses and birds are never a problem. Bugs are no problem either.

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dtund, I'm sure all of us at THG would like to see photos of your weed-block method which lets the tomatoes grow as the true vines they are.

Please see the webmaster's guide on posting photos here:


I'll definitely look at your pix! :D

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