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Use of Pestcides;Organic

Hey I have two junipers that are roughly about 4-6 yrs of age I have moved them outside to a roof covered porch facing South-West. I have noticed that since doing so there are a slew of spiders and mosiqotes making a mess with my trees. My question is this, I have recently come across a pesticide that says it's safe on all indoor and outdoor plants even ornamental plants, it is called "Hot Pepper Wax" it is pure capacaisin according to the label would it be safe for my trees to use this product on them? Another thing since moving the trees outside I'm noticing a lot of brown needles/leafs clusters coming off what should I do. I water about once per week making sure the soil doesn't dry out completely and it's not staying to moist either what could be wrong maybe the bugs? Please Help!!!! :( :?

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Spiders are not harmful to the plants, but benificial. I would not spray the plants as of now. How long have you kept the junipers indoors? If you kept them in all winter then they are probably dead, and that is why they are losing needles. But it is a good idea to let a person who knows more about junipers put there input here.

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If they are spider mites it could be a problem. Here are a few links that might help identify if you have spider mites and what you can do.

Good luck :)

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