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help with tomato plant


I'm new to the forum, so hello to all. My son and I have planted a garden (both are new to gardening) with bell peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes, and squash.

We have two tomato plants. One is doing well, the other produces tomatoes with strange black marks on them. They are hard to describe, so I've attached a link below with a picture of them:


Note: you have to actually copy the entire link and paste it into your web browser to get to the picture (free server space).

Any idea what could be causing this? I've not noticed any worms/insects on the plant in question. I'm having trouble with birds pecking the ripe tomotoes on the other plant, which is the only pest of note since we've planted.

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That's definitely fungal; on a food crop you have to be careful what you use. I'd probably go with Neem oil to attack an already established problem, but I'd use milk as a preventitive (1 cup in a gallon of water and spray on plants once a week or after rain). Throw the infected fruit away (garbage, not compost) and get those new blossoms and fruit clean. It may behoove you to chuck that infected plant altogether so you don't infect the one clean plant, but that's your call...


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